Hair For Heroes by hair stylist Lou Clavé


Look Book Prt.2

So this is the second part of my look book. Same principles as before, just a collection of images that set the mood of what I’m looking for. Colour, clothes, attitude etc. There was a problem with my email account which has now been corrected so if you would still like to be involved and you haven’t received confirmation then contact me at

I hope you like it and want to be involved.




Hair For Heroes – Look Book


So I am putting together all the preparations for my Hair For Heroes look book and I thought it would be easier to put my mood board on here as a blog post so that anyone wanting to get involved can come here and have a look. I need both Guy and Girl models (and when I say models I mean ANYONE that is fabulous and into my vision) – It can be temporary colour to permanent. Not everyone has to get their hair cut but one or two people looking for a change will be great! Also it’s me! So there will be A LOT of wig work and just straight up styling!

This is my mood board so this is not what anything is going to look like hair wise – this is the vibe, the vision, the attitude, the texture, the colours, the bare bones of what I want to achieve. This is just my inspiration to give you an idea of what I would like to create. If you are interested in being a part of this then please email me at: with what you would like to do.

This is really all the information I can give you right now but have a look inside my head and see if it’s something you would like to get involved in!

This is probably the longest post I have ever done and I still have so many images that I havent put in here. But you get the point! If you like it please get in touch ASAP! I need everything from assistants, dressers, models – there is no age limit, height restrictions or any of that crap!




So my business Hair For Heroes is finally up and running…now don’t get me wrong it is in it’s very early stages, I still have to find a property that isn’t going to cost me an arm and a leg, but it was time to seperate business life from personal life and what better way than to announce to the world the name of my new business!! Can’t give too much away at the moment but could be working with the biggest name in nails and the biggest name in make-up! We are going to blow your socks off Glasgow!

Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren made Clothes For Heroes, Duncan X made Tattoos For Heroes and I, Lou Clavé make HAIR FOR HEROES! And just to prove it here is some shots from a shoot for Once Upon A Time ASOS Marketplace campaign (you can buy their amazing clothes here –

I did model Julia Bell’s AMAZING purple hair! I just love it! So I wanted to share it with you all!



So I had the pleasure of styling the hair for the SUPERMAX fashion show on boxing day! I LOVE to do things for SUPERMAX as freelance stylist Lisa Rosebud is truly an inspiration! She has such a strong vision and I ALWAYS love her concepts!! This time around the show was based on David Cronenberg’s movie Crash. DJ Billy Woods was there to provide an incredible soundtrack, William Chambers made Rubber bow head bands, the girls at Obscure Couture provided some sick ass clothes and It was AMAZING! And me…well I styled all 15 models hair by myself! Really need to look into getting an assistant!

It was an AMAZING show put together by one amazing lady! So here are some of the shots from the show…I didn’t take any of the pictures as I was busting my ass so these are some I have managed to find from various sources…if the photographer can get in touch I will credit them!

So as the show was based on the movie Crash – I wanted the girls to start off pristine, Bettie Page like and as the show went on disintegrate, become dishevelled – look like they had been in a crash! I hope this translated well in my work!

Clip in finge by moi

Drop dead amazing MUST have this in my life biker jacket by designers Omarina! Absolute clothes envy!

I can’t wait to get the call from Lisa with her next idea! BRING IT ON!!!!


Green Hair, Purple Hair, Mermaid Hair, My Little Pony Hair with Attitude!

I have been doing a lot of shoots lately involving loads and loads of wonderful colour! As with all of these things it can take a while to get the shots back from the photographers sooooooooooooooo I thought I would give you a teaser of some behind the scene shots I have taken myself, obviously they are not the best BUT at least you can have a wee peak at what I’ve been up to!

I also wanted to use this blog post to point out that it has taken me many years to perfect my skill as a hair stylist. Not only years of training at college but also extensive training with Toni & Guy and then using that knowledge to constantly evolve and perfect these skills. It is so easy to be tempted to try out colour yourself, or perhaps be talked into getting it done by a friend who convinces you she knows what she is doing (especially in this financial climate)…the only advice I can give you is DON’T DO IT. Please don’t do it! Hair stylists train for so long for a reason. You’re hair may look good for a few weeks, but there may be a colour build up, metallic salts in the hair which makes the hair disintegrate when in contact with other products and irreparable damage to the hair and to the condition. The worst home dye attempt I have seen recently was just patchy and uneven! YUCK!

Please put your trust in the professionals! Never be afraid to ask to see someones credentials and NEVER expect anything less than perfect! You deserve it!!

Good, healthy hair that is coloured evenly and precisely is the least you deserve! So come on everyone let’s:


And on that note here is some fabulous behind the scene shots of some colour I have been doing! – All hair by me.

Pastel Pink Wig - Make Up by LCR - Nails by Tammy at DIY Nails

Sea Green Mermaid Hair - Make Up by LCR

Love this lilac hair combined with the black lip! LCR to thank for that!

The James St. James - Wig based on Party Monster

One of my favourite colouring techniques! Not everything has to be dip dyed to be fabulous! And look at that make-up by the amazing Lynsey C Reilly

AMAZING blue lips by LCR make-up artist.

Montage...everyone loves a wee montage

New purple extensions for the new year!

Temporary dip dye at the Obscure Couture shoot, Make-up by LCR...LOVE those girls!

Bang Bang - Love this little wig - Make-up by LCR

The Girls and my vision come to life!

Sea Green and Mauve Dip Dye

My vision - Part one...there is SO much more to come!

Julia's hair is lilac with a sea green and blue dip dye extension

One of my favourite looks - Grunge-tastic!

So when the shots come back all edited and perfected i’ll out them up on here so you can have a proper look but hopefully you can tell from my crappy iPhone photo’s what I’m trying to achieve! Next up GENTS! Time to get my hands on some boys hair…any volunteers??

New Year…New Hair!

So it’s 2012…if the Mayans are correct then this is our LAST year…so what are you waiting for!? Change your hair already!! Now is the time!! I am continuing to push myself further and further with colour and wig work and this year I want to create some truly AMAZING hair!! I also have a few of my very own products for you planned but until it’s all finalised i’m keeping the details under wraps! But don’t worry as soon as it’s all finalised and set in stone you will be the first to know!!

I’ve started off the New Year with a BANG! Working on a shoot with easily two of my all time favourite designers at Obscure Couture! Whipped up a little temporary dip dye on the day and thought I would share a little behind the scenes snap shot for you! See above!

The rest of my post today is just colour, colour, colour!! This is my inspiration! I am currently working on one of my most beautiful wigs yet! As soon as it’s finished I will share it with you but in the mean time look at my colour inspiration and GET EXCITED!!

Kate Moss in a beautiful wig!!

Showing how cool temporary colours look!

The wonderful Charlotte Free with the AMAZING Ren and Stimpy - What more do you want?

Hot girl, great hair colour, top knot, tattoo's...perfect!

Be Brave With Your Hair!!

This is perhaps my favourite image of all! Too amazing for words!

Sooooo have I inspired you? Do you feel just a little bit boring? Could it be time for a change? LET’S DO THIS!

Got That Christmas Feeling?

Well I have to say that I am devastated that it isn’t as cold and snowy as it was last year! I was looking back at my old blog posts and it was SO much fun! Getting snowed in was the perfect excuse to spend the day watching 80’s movies in my pj’s…but Im too busy for all that now…although, I still have my fingers crossed for a white christmas!

Anyway it’s that time of year again. My all time favourite time of year! And you know what that means…CHRISTMAS PARTY TIME! So what are you going to wear? Where are you going to go? And more importantly, what are you going to do with your hair?? This time of year is so much fun for me because everyone wants to do something special with their hair! They want big Christmas party hair! Exciting!

For me, the most inspirational Christmas party hair can be found at the annual Chanel Métiers d’Art show! It NEVER disappoints! The hair, make-up and, of course, the clothes are all incredible! Everything has a touch of opulence to it and for me it sums up the season perfectly. So I thought for this blog post we would stick to Chanel…after all, nobody does it better.

I’ll be dreaming and hoping for snow from now until Christmas day…It just doesn’t feel the same without it!