Hair For Heroes by hair stylist Lou Clavé

Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead

Today is the festival of Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos. Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday celebrated throught Mexico and around the world in many cultures. People celebrate Dia de los Muertos to honor their deceased loves ones. It is a ritual of love and remembrance of those who have passed on.

Dia de los Muertos allows the dead to live again. During this time it is believed that the deceased return to their earthly homes to visit and rejoice with their loved ones. It is used as a way to stay connected to the ones that we love who are no longer with us. Most people celebrate Day of the Dead out of love and commitment to their loved ones, but some people celebrate this holiday out of fear! Mexico is full of folk tales that tell what happens if someone neglects their ancestors on Dia de los Muertos. If a spirit returns to find that no one has built an altar for them, or that their loved ones didn’t leave sufficient enough offerings, they will feel sad and angry… especially when they see the offerings other spirits received! Neglected spirits may seek vengeance on those who have forgotten them. Additionally, many folk tales describe how those who ignore their deceased loved ones fall immediately ill and even meet their death shortly after the holiday! Eeek!!!

The Day of the Dead festival has provided the world with inspiration in all aspects of creative industries. It’s imagery, colours and heritage can be found in many of the things that inspire artists, hair stylists, tattooers, make-up artists, designers and most people in creative industries today. The Day of the Dead festival has perhaps become so influential because of it’s conflicting message – Bright, colourful, full of hope and love however it is also covered in sadness, darkness and full of fear of the inevitable the end or worse…an angry spirit!!

Here is some inspiration to celebrate, in our own way, the amazing reference that this festival has given to all us creatives, where would we be without it?


Painting by Mike Giant.

Painting by Mike Giant.

Painting by Mike Giant.

My tattoo by

I think today i’ll try and do some Day of the Dead inspired hair! Perhaps some lovely, bright colours or a beautiful hair up with roses! Today the possibilities are endless especially when you look at the amount of inspiration that this festival has to offer! I hope you all enjoy the pictures and i hope you all have fun celebrating today in your own way!


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